Battlezone Archery User Manual


1. Intended use and required safety measures

These arrows are intended for playful use in live-action roleplaying and BZA.

The highest projectile energy must not exceed 27 Joule. This corresponds to an initial speed (V0) not in excess of 28m/s. This corresponds to a bow with max, 113 – 27 N(25 – 28lbs@28”).

The actual bow extension must always be adjusted to the shooting distance! Never draw the bow further than necessary! Ensure that the path is clear!

Never shoot at sensitive or fragile objects, such as window panes, glass goods, ceramics, dishware or vehicles (cars).

Never intentially aim at the head or into a crowd at head height!
Every arrow must be inspected for damage before shooting!
Damaged arrows must be put aside at once. This particularly applies to damage to the padding or the pressure distributor. Independent repair attempts of the padded head with adhesive tape, etc. are impermissible and dangerous!




Every arrow must be inspected for foreign bodies that may have entered the padded head before shooting. If changes at the padded head can be felt, the arrow must not be shot.

In particular, in cold weather, ensure that the padded heads are dry and especially free of ice! When the foam has absorbed water, the arrow heads must be wrung out carefully and dabbed dry with an absorbent cloth. They must only be used again when the foam is dry.

Never shoot at animals!


2. Impermissible changes

Modifications that impair flight stability or dampening of the padded head are not permissible. In case of severe consequences, such manipulation leads to consequences under criminal law, due to physical injury resulting from negligence or intentional injury.

In this case, the executing person assumes full responsibility for the professional performance of the modification.



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