battlezone archery

Battlezone Archery Equipment

The first safety arrow that comes with its own product insurance:
Safety • Flight range • Durability • Precision • Pure

safety headThe safety head

Safe and sparing energy absorption due to the use of state-of-the-art high performance foam. The inlay is made of unbreakable, highly impact resistant plastics. It enfolds the shaft safely while the impact force is distributed equally and safely into the whole, cushioning.

Covered by a 3 year full guarantee, the new design has not only been winning independent safety tests, but also turned out to be almost indestructible, even under most extreme test conditions.




The shaft

arrow shaft

A 30” long, high grade, rugged epoxy-glass resign arrow shaft guarantees maximum durability, even under the tough conditions of BZA. Optimised to the usual draw weight of bows that are usually used in BZA, it does not only provide a pleasing design, but also an outstanding accuracy.




The flights
Developed for the application in BZA and other extremely tough employment, the captive flights provide maximum durability and arrow lifetime. The amply dimensioned plastic feathers provide best stability and maximum marksmanship, even on great distances. 5 standard colours (red, blue, green, black and night glow) are available from stock.





flight quality

The flight quality

The aerodynamically optimised safety head and the selected high grade components provide unique reach and marksmanship, without increasing the arrow’s maximum energy. Professional, industrial production guarantees an invariable high quality.

This results in unmatched accuracy and more than 50m (55 yards) striking distance @ 30lbs x 28”)!





The facts at a glance:

  • 1 year warranty on the whole arrow
  • Independently safety tested by the leading German Live-Role-Playing magazine (“LARPZeit”#11).
  • The aerodynamically optimised safety-head, 53mm in diameter, is made of high performance energy absorbing foam, as used in the car industry.
  • The captive flights, made from highly elastic plastics, increase the arrow’s lifetime and guarantee lasting safety.
  • The high grade epoxy-glass resign shaft is highly flexible, shatter proof and provides maximum accuracy.
  • Almost unlimited delivering ability, due to industrial suppliers.
  • Length (total): approx. 820mm (32½ inch)
  • Mass: approx. 68g (2¼oz)
  • More than 50m striking distance @ 30lbs. x 28” draw weight



bowEquipment - Bow

Battlezone Archery uses a specially engineered polyurethane bow that has been specifically designed for use within the game. Because there is a regulated string attached to the bow, this ensues safe use of the arrows to the necessary requirements to play. The string is a Dacron sports string which is used for its quality. No other bows are recommend to be used with the Battlezone Archery arrow, as this could invalidate your product insurance. The bow has been designed for easy use, simple operation and with its glass fibre core is virtually unbreakable. The bows can be used left and right handed.


State of the art engineering and production technology for your safety!


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